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Friday, March 20, 2009

Review: Aurelia by Anne Osterlund

Excerpt from back cover:
Aurelia, the crown princess of Tyralt, wants control over her own life. Robert, her former classmate, wants Aurelia. And someone wants her.. dead. There have been several narrowly escaped attempts to assassinate the priness, but the king has no desire to incite panic by making the information public. Instead, Robert, the sone of the king's former royal spy, is allowed into the inner circle to secretly investigate and watch over Aurelia. Robert is determined to help, if only Aurelia would let him! But the princess will not heed the danger around her, and she does not need Robert to save her. Just as their friendship begins to grow into something more, the threat on Aurelia's life become paramount. With everything possible on the line - her life, her kingdom, her heart - Aurelia must take matters into her own hands, whatever the cost."

This book, to be honest, was not as good as I'd expected it to be. I must admit I was drawn to the book by the beautiful cover art and I should no better than to judge a book by its cover! The main problem was that it was so utterly predictable. Except for the who the attempted murderer is... that aspect was disguised pretty well. Otherwise, it all played out just as expected. However, this book is definitely worth reading... it just probably won't be your favorite. Well, it wasn't mine at least. 7 out of 10!


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