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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Books That Are Too Good To Review

Maybe it's just me, but occasionally I read a book that has such a profound effect on me that I simply cannot find the words to review it properly. I can babble incoherently. I can point out a passage and say "SEE!? LOOK AT THIS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I CAN ONLY TALK IN CAPS RIGHT NOW??" I can hand it to strangers in the bookstore and say "You need to read this. What? No, we don't know each other... Um. Yeah." I can sit in a comatose state at dinner until my friends ask me what's wrong and I'll launch into a long drawn out story about this book and how it's taken over my brain and I can't stop thinking about it. 

But I can't review it.

Which is really a shame because it's these books that leave me speechless that I want others to read the most. I'm going to try to actually review these books... somehow... but, in the meantime, I'll share a few of them here. I might not be able to find the words to explain why you should read these books, but I'm asking you to trust me when I say that you should. You really, really should.

1. JELLICOE ROAD by Melina Marchetta
Each time I read this book, I vow that I'll review it. It still hasn't happened. Usually books don't make me cry, but this one makes me sob so freaking hard. It's been my favorite book since the first time I read it.

2. THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson
I literally clapped my hands when I finished reading this book. I thought to myself THIS is a book. THIS is why I read. I then ran across the hall to my best friend's room and forced her to read it. Right then. She thought I was crazy, but agreed it was absolutely brilliant.

3. BROKEN SOUP by Jenny Valentine
I actually did review this one once. Horribly. I love the whole idea of this book, the characters, the ending, the title... Gorgeous novel.

4. ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins
I've read this book multiple times... I'm pretty sure I was the first blogger to actually read it, long before the blogger mailings occurred... but I STILL haven't reviewed it. I just can't. There are a bajillion things to say about it, but I can't find the right words... none of them are good enough. This is another book I forced upon my best friend... she adored it and I has taken copy on deployment to Afghanistan to keep her company.

5. STAY by Deb Caletti
This is the newest addition to the list. I finished it today and I'm already trying to figure out what I would say in my review... I've got time to figure it out, since it doesn't release until April, but I fear it will be relegated to the "Too Good to Review" pile... I don't want this to happen, so I've bookmarked pages and passages to help focus my thoughts. I'm not sure it's working. This novel was so powerful, so absolutely beautiful...

Has anyone else had issues with review books they love? How do you focus your thoughts into something coherent? Tips and advice are always appreciated! 


  1. I feel that way about The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. I loved it so much. I really don't think that I could ever put into words my love for it!

  2. Gah! That's another that should be on the list!

  3. I definitely have this problem. I usually try to review them and just don't do a very good job capturing their complete and utter amazingness.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. yes, of course :) I always try to review them though - because I want to spread my love. Besides, even if I sound like a complete idiot, everyone who will be reading it will understand. We've all been completely consumed by books before (at least those who will be reading a book blog!), so we all can accept incoherent ramblings and spastic gushing :)

    That Bookish Girl

  6. lol books i love i rant; i can't put my words into coherent thought patterns. instead i just write bullet points of what i really liked about it and if more than one bullet point fits together, then voila i got one paragraph xD

  7. I've only read Anna and the French Kiss from your list and really enjoyed it. It was one of those books that I kept thinking about after, just kept coming to mind!

  8. Totally-especially Anna and the French Kiss!!

  9. I sometimes get the same problem. especially for the hush, hush series.

  10. holy smokes YES!!!!! JELLICOE ROAD for sure, no matter how much I talk about it (which is an incredible amount) i just can't write a review to do it justice. Same for The Book Thief! And i thought anna was amaaaazing, so it didn't deserve my 'usual' review style... hehe :p

  11. I loved The Sky is glad you did too!

  12. Oh my gosh, I totally feel the same way! I have so much trouble finding the right words to adequately express my LOVE for some of the books I read. I just can't do it. I had a hard time with A&tFK, too. I'll have to look into the others!

  13. It is so much easier for me to review a book I don't like than one I do like. When I actually do like something, people and trolls alike are all, 'Who is this?!'

    I had such a hard time with Thirteen Reasons Why, anything by John Green, and Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    I just finished The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second (which I totally recommend). I loved it, but I know I'll never be able to do it justice. "Gah! So amazing! Boy has first boyfriend! Love! Lessons! Gah! Amazing! So much sex! But amazing! So amazing!" That's my review.

    Loving books is hard.

  14. I LOVED Anna and the French Kiss! I cannot get Etienne St. Clair out of my head. And I still need to read the rest on this list. I do try and write some kind of review, or at least say why I love a book so much, so that I can convince someone else to read it.

  15. Broken Soup was a way-off-the-map read for me. It was so random, that I actually had to order it into the bookstore, since it wasn't normally stocked. I'm so glad that I did read it. It didn't turn out to be anything like I thought it would, but it has stuck with me.

    North of Beautiful was a similar book that, while not completely what I expected, turned out to be one of the best books I'd ever read. It's my go-to recommendation for a good YA read.

  16. I'll have to add THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson to my TBR list then hm?

    This happens to me a lot with rambling and not being able to coherently review the story aspect of a book Jellicoe road is one, nevermore, 13 to life I found it hard to think how did I want to review it Demon's lexicon was anther hard one even though I gave it three stars

  17. And I'm having trouble reviewing the hunger games like there are words but I have no clue if they are getting the point across

  18. Jellicoe Road - I agree. I have reviewed it but I know my words didn't serve Marchetta any justice.
    Freak, that was an amazing novel. Stay - I also had a hard time reviewing it but managed, of course, though, in no way serving Caletti anything but mumbles and jumbles.

    A few other books I haven't been able to review: Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers, and absolutely, Mockingjay. Both are too difficult and I've just given up, leaving the words to be uttered by the authors themselves.

  19. i've read three out of five and i have to say right after school im rushing off to buy the other two on your list because your spot on with the ones i've read! they're so beautiful and especially jellicoe road with its real and raw, yet dreamlike pages...what can i say?

  20. I've only read Anna and the French kiss from this list, but totally understand you. I was speechless after reading it and I wanted so badly my friend to read it, but had no words to explain its awesomeness.

    I am definitely reading the other ones in this list asap!

  21. wow!!! I agree so much with you!!! I get your posts in my email, and as I started reading this one, I immediately thought of Jellicoe Road which I finished last night. I scrolled down, and there it was! I so much want to review it, but what can I say -besides giving it one million stars...?

  22. such a great point! I often feel like this. I just finished Stay and I almost didn't want to write the review...sometimes it feels like a little of the magic dies when you have to think critically about a book and review it.

  23. Because of your raves over Anna and the French Kiss, I went over to Goodreads to check it out. You are not alone in your love for this book! So I've added it to my TBR & Wish Lists!

    The Calico Critic

  24. I get that way sometimes. I think that's why some of my reviews come out gushy, yet have so little substance. I just...can't SAY anything. But the book was so good!

    I have Jellicoe Road out from the library right now! Anna and the French Kiss isn't my usual genre, but so many people have gasped over it, I think I need to read it!


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