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Wednesday, July 11, 2007 is a great site for girls (and even boys!) who love to read. The site offers the opportunity for readers to discuss the books they're reading, their personal favorites, and books they want to read. You can even win free books! In addition, members can talk about anything - their is a form for everything one could think of! Its a great way to make friends and indulge your passion of books!


  1. Hey, I was reading your blog, which is very well written and enjoyable, and I was wondering if you would like to 'join forces'. I couldn't help but notice we have every similar tastes in books and authors and I'm looking for people to work with to review as many books as possibile. I am a part of book divas and I love that site, but I was looking to create a more personal community where not only our reviews can be shared but the actual books themselves can pass from one to another. I probably have a couple of spelling and grammatical errors in this little paragraph, but I'm in a hury, so please contact me as soon as possible, thanks!

  2. This is a really good blog. I'm an avid reader too, or at least I try to be. looking forward to reading more reviews and sharing book titles.

    Some of my favs are the ones written by Sophia Kinsella, ie. Confessions of a Shopaholic.

  3. I was just at the site the other day; it's quite interesting.

  4. Bookdivas is a wonderful site. Thank you for introducing it to the world in whatever way possible. My own blog is constantly looking for inspirational places such as Bookdivas to give us a boost of morale.

    *Aella Siofra*

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  7. Hey! I belong to bookdivas too. I have always searched for a site like this!! Its so wonderful to connect to people that have the same interests as you!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please visit my blog too!!! *please comment!*

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