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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: Caribbean Cruising

Title: Caribbean Cruising
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Publisher: Avon
Date published: 2004
Type of book: teen chick lit

I received this book from/at:
My interest in this book is: plot, author

Ideas expressed/message/plot: From inside: “On a Caribbean cruise, eighteen-year-old Lindsay’s to-do list includes having a one night stand, but when her wealthy new stepfather introduces his gorgeous godson as her traveling buddy, things become complicated.

Favorite characters, quotes/lines: Lindsay: I liked her, even though sometimes she was annoying because of her obsession with the fact that Ryan was her stepfather’s godson (it really wasn’t that big of a deal); Ryan: he was really, really cute. I liked his protectiveness and how he did so many unexpectedly nice things. I don’t know many girls who wouldn’t have fallen for him

When I finished this book I felt: Caribbean Cruising was a quick, light read, but I really enjoyed it. Hawthorne is good at allowing her readers to form a connection to the characters in a relatively short amount of time. I’ll definitely be reading her other books… and dreaming about taking a cruise of my own!

Other books to read by this author: Moonlight, Labor of Love, Snowed In, Thrill Ride, Love on the Lifts, The Boyfriend League, Island Girls (and Boys)

I would recommend this book to: young adult chick lit readers looking for a quick, romance-filled read


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