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Monday, June 6, 2011

inkpop Weekly Writing Challenge: Divergent

From the Forum:

Honest, Brave, Selfless, Peaceful or True, those are the only type of people you can be in the world of DIVERGENT and you can only be ONE! So what happens when a character, like Beatrice Prior, finds themselves embodying more than one of these persona? Who are you when you are not what society expects you to be? 

That is the challenge! Write a short story or poem that explores a character that does not quite fit into the world around them. Like Divergent you can create a dystopian environment where everyone is supposed to act a certain way or you can explore a world much closer to your own, like a high school where someone just doesn't quite fit in. 

Two writing winners, selected by author Veronica Roth, will receive a free copy of DIVERGENT as well as three books of their choice from HarperTeen. Two comment winners will be selected at random to win a copy of DIVERGENT as well as three books of their choice from HarperTeen. 

This challenge/contest closes June 9th, 2011. For more details and information regarding how to enter this challenge, go here.


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