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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Very Best Gift for the Young Reader In Your Life (And You!)

I am so, so excited about this - so excited, that I have to write a blog post about it. As some of you might know, I work at an independent bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan. Well, this week, we launched something really awesome, just in time for Christmas. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

One of the really cool services that Brilliant Books has offered customers for the last few years is a Book of the Month subscription. Often customers will purchase it for a family member that loves to read, other times for themselves. It's an easy and seriously awesome gift available to our customers from every corner of the US: the recipient fills out a card that details their preferences, the booksellers at Brilliant handpick a book specifically for the reader, and then the book arrives at the reader's doorstep. All costs are included in the subscription price, so the recipient has to do nothing more than fill out a card about their reading habits and then read handpicked books. Pretty great, right? 

Here's where we get to the fun part...

This week we launched a Kids and Young Adult version of the Book of the Month subscription service! We've been working on this concept for awhile, so it is so cool to see everything out in the wild. 

There are four different options:

Learn more about each option here.

Each option comes with a different preferences card to ensure that the right books are selected for each reader. Keep in mind that, though each option has specific ages listed, they are just guidelines... If you love reading Young Adult, but you aren't technically a teen, don't feel excluded. If you're a 5th grade teacher who wants to keep your classroom library stocked with fresh new titles, Middle Grade is the way to go! You're expecting and you want to start building your little one's library early? The Picture Book option is just what you need! 

What's great about Book of the Month is that you can make it whatever you want it to be and the end result is always the same: the perfect book for you.

I'm in love with this entire concept - if I didn't work at Brilliant, I'd be asking for the YA Book of the Month this year! Book of the Month, for both adults and kids, is available to you no matter where you live in the US. Your monthly selections are shipped right to your door. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have about Book of the Month in the comments and via email.


  1. That's a wonderful idea! If I was living in Michigan I would love to subscribe to the YA package!

  2. We actually have Book of the Month subscribers from most states - since we ship the books our to members each month - but we can't do Canada because of the crazy shipping costs. I mean, we are willing to, but you'd have to pay the shipping for each book, which would add up quickly! Those within the US have the shipping included in the subscription cost.

    You'll just have to move to the States! ;)

  3. Always the shipping! Ahahah maybe I should move to the States ;)

  4. I will keep this mind! I do have a few cousins who LOVE to read but I never know just what books to get them sometimes. I might have to check this out. :)

  5. That sounds great! Love Books of the Month clubs!

  6. This would totally solve you problem, Holly! The way the program is set up, we have plenty of information before hand from the reader and/or parents, so that the perfect books get sent! :D

  7. I hope you choose to participate in the Brilliant Books Book of the Month! It such a fun program to be involved in!!


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