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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Guest Post: Natalie D. Richards Shares Her 5 Favorite Authors

Today Natalie D. Richards, author of Gone Too Far and Six Months Later, is here at The Hiding Spot to talk about her 5 favorite authors. I have to tell you, readers, I'm a huge fan of Natalie's faves as well! I guess great minds think alike! So read on to learn more about Natalie and her newest book, Gone Too Far. Natalie's books are absolutely fantastic page-turners that are not to be missed, so add them to your TBR pile asap!
Thank you so much for having me and for one of the most challenging guest blogs yet! I mean, picking favorite writers?  That’s like picking a favorite chocolate. Or a favorite gorgeous tropical beach. I adore so many authors for so many different reasons.

I’ve been influenced by other writers since long before I was published, so it’s hard to narrow a list to five. But I tried.  So here are five that are among my favorites, and how they influence my own work.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling is an icon in the industry for a variety of reasons.  Most readers and writers agree that Harry Potter is a work of genius, one that swept across genres and cultures and made an imaginary world so real that anyone who’s read Harry can imagine a feast in the Hogwarts dining hall.  My writing is night and day different, but I work hard to create my own version of her “suck you right into the book” style, because that’s what I think makes her work so magical.

Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow is a newer author on the scene and she stole my heart with one particular hand-holding scene on a bus in the gorgeous, incomparable Eleanor & Park.  Rowell challenges almost every romance stereotype I know.  She navigates this story with a voice that seemed to pull harder at my heart with every word.  Her emotional depth is a bit mind-blowing and it challenges me to dig deep with my characters as well.

Lucy Christopher

Lucy Christopher wrote Stolen and The Killing Woods, two books that captivated me within a few short pages.  Christopher seems to have a special talent for writing incredibly tense (even sometimes terrifying) scenes with remarkable restraint.  Her voice is powerful and unique and her story concepts are simple and brilliant at the same time.  I suppose you could say, there’s a cleanness to her writing that I really admire.  Like all of these writers, my work is very different, but if a scene I’m working on starts to feel overblown or sloppy, she’s an author I’ll think of to remind me to scale back. 

Courtney Summers


I’m not sure there is a young adult author out there that packs so much delicious grit into her pages.  Summers creates strong, sometimes prickly characters that are easy to love, but sometimes tough to like.  Every book she pens is unputdownable—these are true powerhouse novels that I devour the moment they hit my greedy little hands.  Her novels are a sucker punch and I’m always left breathless and inspired to push myself a little harder after reading one.

Romily Bernard

No favorite author list of mine would be complete without my dear friend, Romily Bernard, author of the Harper Teen Find Me series.  In addition to writing beginnings that absolutely slay me, dialog that’s funny and brutal at the same time, and characters so vibrant, they come to life on every page, she’s also my critique partner.  Romily influences me more than pretty much any other writer, because she provides invaluable insight and wisdom on my books.  When I’m writing, I’m so close to the tree, I’m spitting out bits of bark, but Romily’s able to pull back when she reads, and man has she steered my work away from some nasty cliffs.

So, there’s my list!  If you haven’t checked these authors out, I sure hope you do.  Thank you so much for having me and for featuring Gone Too Far on your blog!! 

More About Gone Too Far:

Keeping secrets ruined her life. But the truth might just kill her.Piper Woods can't wait for the purgatory of senior year to end. She skirts the fringes of high school like a pro until the morning she finds a notebook with mutilated photographs and a list of student sins. She's sure the book is too gruesome to be true, until pretty, popular Stella dies after a sex-tape goes viral. Everyone's sure it's suicide, but Piper remembers Stella's name from the book and begins to suspect something much worse.

Drowning in secrets she doesn't want to keep, Piper's fears are confirmed when she receives an anonymous text message daring her to make things right. All she needs to do is choose a name, the name of someone who deserves to be punished...
 Learn More About Natalie and her books:


  1. Wow, Gone Too Far sounds really good! JK Rowling is definitely on my fav authors list. I haven't read Rainbow Rowell yet, though I want to!


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