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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Storytime: New & Notable Picture Books (15)

Home Tweet Home
Written & Illustrated by Courtney Dicmas

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In Home Tweet Home siblings Burt and Pippi decide their nest is just too small for a family of ten, so they set out to find a new place to live. But finding a new home proves no easy task! The world outside of the nest is exciting, but also scary and often hungry. In the end, the siblings' adventures serve as an important reminder that the grass isn't always greener and that sometimes, there's no place like home. Dicmas' bright illustrations encourage reader interaction; readers will fun guessing which animal Pippi and Burt have stumbled in their adventures.

Written & Illustrated by Jeff Mack

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Jeff Mack's work is always fantastic, but I especially love Look! In this newest offering, gorilla tries desperately to pull the boy's attention away from the television, balancing books on his head and nose and performing bookish acrobatics, all the while exclaiming 'Look!'. It isn't until gorilla knocks over the television and the boy yells 'Out!' that the television's spell is broken. The boy finally picks up a book, discovers its magic, and shares his experience with the gorilla, exclaiming 'Look!'. The story, told through entertaining illustrations and the minimal use of the words 'look' and 'out', will stick with readers and serve as a gentle reminder to turn off the television, pick up a book, and engage.

Yard Sale
Written by Eve Bunting; Illustrated by Lauren Castillo

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In this collaboration from Eve Bunting and illustrator Lauren Castillo, Callie struggles with the difficult and confusing situation of moving to a new house and leaving home behind. Callie and her parents are having a yard sale in preparation of their move to a smaller apartment. The young narrator doesn't completely understand why her family is moving - she only knows that it has to do with money. As strangers come, asking questions about her belongings and taking them away, Callie's discomfort and sadness grows. And, when a woman (Nana of Nana in the City!) teasingly asks if Callie is for sale, she runs to her parents in alarm, fearful of being left behind too. This book is a great fit for any family going through a move and/or dealing with financial difficulties, but it will also easily resonate with many types of readers, serving as a reminder that home is less about place and more about the people that surround you.

Written by Shutta Crum; Illustrated by Patrice Barton

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In Uh-Oh! readers will find a beachy adventure with little text other than the intermittent 'uh-oh!' This fantastically illustrated adventure will delight even the littlest readers, who will love mimicking 'uh-oh' and will surely recognize sandcastles, slides, and more from fun-filled days at the beach.

My Grandma's a Ninja
Written & illustrated by LeUyen Pham

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There's No Such Thing as Little challenges readers to think big! Creatively placed die-cut holes reveal that things that seem small are often part of something more - something welcoming or unique or important. A thoughtful book about perspective told through bold illustrations, this newest read aloud from LeUyen Pham is a treasure.

Love any of the books featured this week? Want to see a certain theme, author, or illustrator explored in an upcoming Story Time post? Let me know in the comments!


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