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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Storytime: New & Notable Picture Books (17)

This week's Storytime features terrifying night animals, a bear on a (wobbly) bike, a dad anxious about the first day of school, tongue-twisters with a yak and a gnu, and a well-deserved star!

Night Animals
Written & Illustrated by Gianna Marino
Ages 3-5, Available 7/14/2015

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Something’s out there in the dark!

First Possum hears it. Then Skunk. Then Wolf comes running.“What could it possibly be?” asks Bat.

“Night Animals!” the animals declare.

“But you are night animals,” Bat informs this not-so-smart crew.

Children will love the oh-so-funny animals in this twist on a cozy bedtime book.
It's really odd, but people ask me for recommendations of book featuring possums all the time - now I have a new one to recommend! This newest book from Gianna Marino follows a variety of silly characters who are terrified of the animals lurking in the dark.

Bike On, Bear
Written by Cynthea Liu; Illustrated by Kristyna Litten
Ages 4-7

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Bear can do everything, except ride a bike. Discover how he overcomes his two-wheeled challenge in this irresistibly adorable picture book!

Bear can do almost anything. His one-paw pawstand is perfection. He can solve the trickiest of equations. He can even out-build a brigade of beavers. But the one thing Bear can't do? Ride a bike.

Bear tries everything to help him learn: library books, training wheels and super-cheers from his fellow animal friends. But all of those fail to get poor Bear on two wheels.The situation is looking unbearable, but an unexpected mishap might be just the thing that propels Bear to bike on!
This adorable book about perseverance and practice follows a bear that has many talents, but who struggles to ride a bike. Of course, this is a great book to share with little ones about to take off those training wheels, but it's also a fantastic choice to explore the value of hard work and determination.
Dad's First Day
Written & Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
Ages 2-5, Available 7/7/15

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All summer Oliver and his dad played together, laughed together, sang together, and read together.

Now it's time for Oliver to start school!

On the first day, Oliver's dad isn't quite ready. . . . Suddenly he feels nervous. His tummy hurts, and he would rather stay home.

But Oliver isn't convinced. What if the first day is really fun? What if it's the start of an exciting year?

In this charming story of first-day jitters, acclaimed author and illustrator Mike Wohnoutka perfectly captures the mixed emotions felt by kids and their parents when big changes are afoot.
Just look at that cover! This is an absolutely wonderful read aloud for kids and parents embarking on their first year of school.
Yak & Gnu
Written by Juliette MacIver; Illustrated by Cat Chapman
Ages 3-7

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Lively good humor is afloat—along with an armada of adventurous animals—in this silly seafaring tale.

A romp in the river with Yak in his kayak and Gnu in his canoe leads to a safari full of unusual nautical discoveries. A goat in a boat? A calf on a raft? A whole flotilla of whales and gorillas? No matter how many other strange sailors they come across, Yak and Gnu are certain there is no other beast quite like either of them. Climb aboard for a nonsensical voyage featuring an eclectic collection of embarked animals, awash in rhyme and tongue twisters perfect for reading aloud.
I loved the rhyme and clever word play in Yak & Gnu. It reminded me a bit of Seuss.
I Will Never Get a Star on Mrs. Benson's Blackboard
Written & Illustrated by Jennifer K. Mann
Ages 5-8

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Rose’s teacher gives stars for spelling and neatness and giving the right answer, but Rose can’t manage to do any of those things right. Will she ever get a star from Mrs. Benson?

Rose is a distracted and creative soul. She does her best at school, but sometimes her mind wanders, and she answers the wrong question. Her reading voice is quiet, not strong and loud. And her desk—well, keeping her desk neat is a challenge. When it’s time to make thank-you cards for a class visitor, Rose’s art supplies turn her workspace—and her—into a colorful mess. But her artistic skills shine through in the gorgeous oversize card she creates. Could she possibly get a star after all? A cheerful and empowering picture book for the child whose talents lie in unconventional areas, and those still searching for their strengths.
This a fantastic book about creative personalities! In the classroom, neatness and following the rules is often rewarded, but that doesn't mean that creativity and less conventional ways of learning and expressing oneself can't shouldn't be celebrated!

Love any of the books featured this week? Let me know in the comments!


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