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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Interview with Danna Smith, author of Mother Goose's Pajama Party

Today author Danna Smith stops by The Hiding Spot to chat about the inspiration for her newest picture book, Mother Goose's Pajama Party, her writing process, the picture book that still provides her with a great hiding spot, and her upcoming book!

Can you share a bit about your inspiration for Mother Goose’s Pajama Party
The idea for Mother Goose’s Pajama Party came to me on a road trip to a writing conference. The idea stayed with me all weekend, I kept thinking that it would be so much fun if Mother Goose invited the characters that she created over for story time. She could read stories about them to them! Before the conference was over, I had a detailed outline of the story. It was fun to revisit the Mother Goose rhymes I loved as a child, and even more fun to shake them up a bit. 
 Tell us a bit about your writing process. Do you begin with the text, a general idea, specific scenes...? 
More often than not, I start my stories with a fun, catchy title and go from there. I do not actually write the story until I first have a beginning, middle and an end worked out in my head. This way I escape the pressure of a blank page staring back at me. However, sometimes a general idea will whisper into my ear (as in Mother Goose’s Pajama Party) and I always listen. 
Mother Goose's Pajama Party is illustrated by Virginia Allyn.
My blog is dedicated to my personal hiding spot, books. Name a notable book that has provided you with a hiding spot. 
Being a writer can be discouraging at times (with the rejection that comes with the business and what not). So when I need a little boost of confidence or a little kick in the pants to keep going, I take out my worn copy of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Reading this classic fills me with hope and reminds me of why I write for children. I write to spur a child’s imagination, to entertain them, to comfort them, and to, hopefully, give them a cherished book they can turn to over and over again. 
What can your readers look forward to next? 
Arctic White is next, due out January 5, 2016. This picture book is about a little girl who lives in the Arctic. Everywhere she looks, she sees only white until her grandfather takes her on a journey where they find something special that brings color into their world. Arctic White is beautifully illustrated by Lee White and published by Henry Holt and Company.

More About the Book
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"Star light, star bright, come to story time tonight." You're invited to a magical pajama party with all your nursery rhyme friends! Join Little Bo-Peep, Georgie Porgie, Miss Muffet, the cow that jumped over the moon, and all their pals as they march merrily toward Mother Goose's house for a cozy slumber party full of stories. And after they are all tucked in, continue to the back of the book and find a special section with your favorite nursery rhymes.

Book Trailer

About the Author
Danna Smith is the author of the picture books Two at the Zoo, Pirate Nap, and Balloon Trees. Born in Salt Lake City, Danna is currently a full-time writer and dreamer living in Northern California with her husband, their two grown children, and their cocker spaniel, Peanut.


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