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Monday, December 7, 2015

Storytime: New and Notable Picture Books (28)

This week's Storytime features a missing imaginary friend, a duck who refuses to quack, a hyena who's lost his laugh, a fed-up groundhog, and boats of all shapes and sizes.
We Forgot Brock!
Written and Illustrated by Carter Goodrich
Ages 4-8, Available Now

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The importance of imaginary friends is very real in this picture book adventure from the author of Say Hello to Zorro! and lead character designer for Despicable Me, Finding Nemo, and Monsters, Inc.

Phillip and Brock are best friends. Everyone can see Phillip, but only Phillip can see Brock.

A night at the Big Fair is all fun and games until Phillip gets sleepy, heads home, and forgets Brock!

Brock misses Phillip. And Phillip misses Brock. Will they reunite? With the help of another pair of pals, they just might. Because even imaginary friends get lost sometimes. Finding them is part of the adventure.
I love books about imaginary friends and We Forgot Brock! is no exception. Carter Goodrich's illustrations are gorgeous. I love that the imaginary friends in the book are done in a completely different style; they almost pop off the page. Would pair beautifully with Beekle. Recommended!

Duddle Puck the Puddle Duck

Written by Karma Wilson; Illustrated by Marcellus Hall
Ages 4-8, Available Now

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Meet the one and only Duddle Puck, a plucky duck who does anything but quack in this picture book from New York Times bestselling duo Karma Wilson and Marcellus Hall that is anything but stereotypical.

Everyone knows that ducks quack, right? Well, everyone except Duddle Puck, a puddle duck who just won't quack. Duddle Puck just loves to make all sorts of barnyard sounds as he jigs around the farm. He can cluck, honk, oink, and neigh with the best of them. But quack? Nope. The other barnyard animals think there's no room on a farm for a duck that won't behave like a duck. Yet as they try to teach Duddle Puck be a proper duck, they may just find that their rules aren't all they're "quacked" up to be.
Loved all the animal sounds and silliness in this one. It would make a fantastic read aloud, but only after a bit of practice - it's a tongue twister! Would pair well with This Is a Moose.
Henry Hyena, Why Won't You Laugh?
Written by Doug Jantzen; Illustrated by Jean Claude
Ages 4-7, Available Now

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When a hyena can’t find his funny, a friend offers a sweetly surprising solution in this adorable picture book, winner of the General Mills Spoonful of Stories contest.

Henry Hyena is feeling blue. He usually chuckles at monkeys swinging from trees, giggles as he chases hares, and belly laughs when he hears an elephant burp.

But one day at the zoo, Henry can’t even muster up a smile. Will a visit with a wise old giraffe, Dr. Long, help Henry find the key to laughing harder than ever?
This story about kindness and laughing with others instead of at others could easily become heavy handed, but Jantzen's text and Claude's illustrations keep it light and fun. Recommended!

Groundhog's Day Off

Written by Robb Pearlman; Illustrated by Brett Helquist
Ages 4-7, Available Now

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Every year, people ask Groundhog the same, boring old question. Is spring around the corner? Or are we doomed to more winter? Sure, they care about his shadow, but what about him and his interests? He's had enough! Groundhog packs his bags and sets out for a much-needed vacation.

Now the town is holding auditions to find someone to fill his spot. None of the animals seem right for the job, though. Not Elephant, not Ostrich, and most certainly not Puppy. No one has Groundhog's flair for the dramatic, but is it too late to woo him back into the spotlight?

With a fresh take on a familiar event and bold, lively illustrations, this hilarious picture book will leave readers wishing it was Groundhog's Day year-round.
Super fun book about Groundhog's Day and one fed up groundhog. Great illustrations!

Boats Float! 
Written by George Ella Lyon & Benn Lyon; Illustrated by Mick Wiggins
Ages 4-8, Available Now

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Set sail into the world of boats in this buoyant companion to Trucks Roll! and Planes Fly!

Sails and engines
paddles and oars
make the trip
from shore to shore.

Boats float!

From steamships to ghostships, to the little and big in-between ships, this fun, rhyming book explores a wide array of boats. The third in George Ella Lyon’s transportation series, Boats Float! Takes to the seas with dynamic illustrations that will keep even the youngest of readers eager to turn the page.
A great read aloud for little fans of transportation and water. The rhyming text is fun and pairs well with the depictions of boats of all shapes and sizes. A fun read for any time of year, but it would be especially fun to read in a coastal town where boats could then be identified.

Love any of the books featured this week? Let me know in the comments!


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