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Monday, February 8, 2016

Storytime: New & Notable Picture Books (32)

This week's Storytime features a clever rabbit, whimsical ABCs, a toddler who wants more, a young, accident prone writer, and a heartfelt how-to.

Mr. Hare's Big Secret
Written & Illustrated by Hannah Dale
Ages 3-7, Available Now

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Mr. Hare has a secret: there are big, juicy cherries at the top of the tree, but he needs his friends’ help to get them down. One by one, he tricks each friend into dancing with him under the tree, until all the cherries fall to the ground and the forest friends have a great feast.

Accumulation, sound words, repetition, and pure entertainment make this the perfect read-aloud book for adults and children to share.
I love this cumulative story from author and illustrator Hannah Dale! Readers will enjoy trying to guess Mr. Hare's secret as more and more animals join the fun. I especially enjoyed the illustrations in this one. The animals are all so expressive!

ABC Dream
Written & Illustrated by Kim Krans
Ages 3-7, Available Now

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This stunning and innovative alphabet picture book will dazzle little ones and engage the adults who share it with them! Each page is dedicated to a letter, and clever alliterations are packed into each ink-and-watercolor spread. This gem comes to us from Kim Krans, the creator of The Wild Unknown—a lifestyle website offering prints, calendars, and more.
It's likely many of adults have a favorite ABC book to give to kids, but this one is not to be missed! A gorgeous, creative take on ABCs. Identifying the items on each page (all of which begin with the featured letter) becomes almost a game. The final pages include a key to go back and see if you overlooked any small details. I'm very much looking forward to recommending and gifting this beautiful book.

Henry Wants More!
Written by Linda Ashman; Illustrated by Brooke Boynton Hughes
Ages 3-7, Available Now

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More games, more races, more tickles, more books—little Henry can’t get enough! When a toddler is armed with that useful word and the world is full of brand-new things, his family just doesn’t stand a chance. Follow Henry on his exhausting and all-too-familiar day filled with play . . . and a lot of love! Buoyant rhymes and charming illustrations strike a heartwarming note that will ring true with families of energetic little ones.
I loved this sweet read aloud about the tirelessness of toddlers and their frequent use of "more" and "again"! Also notable is the diversity of the characters within the story; the family is mixed and a variety of ages is represented. Recommended!

Beatrix Potter & the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig
Written by Deborah Hopkinson; Illustrated by Charlotte Voake
Ages 5-8, Available Now

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Published in time for the 150th anniversary of her birth, this story stars a young Beatrix Potter, creator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and many other classic children’s books.

Master of the historical fiction picture book, Hopkinson takes readers back to Victorian England and the home of budding young artist and animal lover Beatrix Potter. When Beatrix brings home her neighbor’s pet guinea pig so that she can practice painting it, well . . . it dies! Now what?

Written in the form of a “picture letter,” this charming, hilarious, and mostly true tale is a wonderful introduction to a beloved author/illustrator and perfect for Common Core curriculums.

An author's note includes photographs and more information about Beatrix Potter's life and work.
This reimagining of the death of hamster borrowed by the young Beatrix Potter is a fun pairing for any of her beloved picture books. In her author's note, Deborah Hopkinson explains that she took a few liberties with the timeline of Potter's life to create this story, told in the form of a letter with pictures, but I felt she successfully captured Potter's spirit!

How to Mend a Heart
Written & Illustrated by Sara Gillingham
Ages 3-5, Available Now

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A charming arts-and-crafts approach to dealing with first moments of heartbreak. Be it caused by a lost pet, a friend’s moving away, or even simple childhood injustice, Sara Gillingham (How to Grow a Friend) understands the gentle touch needed to soothe a sore heart. Her fresh and whimsical design makes an enticing vehicle for her advice.
This follow up to How to Grow a Friend is just as sweet! Playing on a sewing metaphor this time around, readers of all ages will learn a valuable lesson about friendship and love.


Love any of the books featured this week? Let me know in the comments!


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