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Monday, April 11, 2016

Storytime: New & Notable Picture Books (35)

This week's Storytime features a rough morning, a confused cat, the story of man's best friend, a story of overcoming fears, and two siblings who learn to share.

The Wrong Side of the Bed
Written by Lisa M. Bakos; Illustrated by Anna Raff
Ages 3-5, Available Now

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When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, there’s just no getting around it: The porcupine under the covers will insist on snuggling (oww); penguins will make bubbles in your bath (eww); and a crocodile will probably need to borrow your toothbrush (no, thanks). It’s just going to be that sort of day.

, that is, you decide to do something about it.

A parade of bad luck has you in a bad mood? Remember to look on the bright side with this amusing new picture book from Lisa Bakos and Anna Raff.
Spread from The Wrong Side of the Bed (2016)
Written & Illustrated by Liz Wong
Ages 3-7, Available Now

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A cat who thinks he’s a duck? He must be Quackers!!

Quackers is a duck. Sure, he may have paws and whiskers. And his quacks might sound more like…well, meows, but he lives among ducks, everyone he knows is a duck, and he’s happy.

Then Quackers meets another duck who looks like him (& talks like him, too!)—but he calls himself a cat. So silly!

Quackers loves being among his new friends the cats, but he also misses his duck friends, and so he finds a way to combine the best of both worlds. Part cat, part duck, all Quackers!

Oh, how I love this adorable book about Quackers, who is quite certain he's a duck... until he meets a cat. A sweet story about identity, belonging, and friendship!

Spread from Quackers (2016)

Spread from Quackers (2016)

From Wolf to Woof: The Story of Dogs
Written & Illustrated by Hudson Talbott
Ages 5-8, Available 4/12/2016

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How did dog become man’s best friend? Dogs come in such a variety of shapes, sizes, and breeds, that it is hard to believe that they all have a common ancestor--the wolf! Hudson Talbott takes readers on a fascinating journey through history to see how wolves’ relationships with humans sparked their development into the dogs we know and love today.

Striking paintings, from an adorable wolf pup to a wide range of modern-day dog breeds, illustrate this insightful story of teamwork and friendship. Through the eyes of a prehistoric boy and a lone wolf pup, we see how the bond between our ancestors and these wild animals may have developed. Starting as enemies competing for food, the wolf and the boy realize that they’ll eat better and be safer if they team up. Over time, others catch on, and as many of the wolves become more domesticated, the humans breed them for skills like hunting, herding, pulling, and rescuing. And today, there are more breeds of dog than of any other animal, all thanks to this relationship that started so long ago.

This fictionalized story of the first dog and the evolution of the wolf to the dog we know and love is filled with fascinating facts about both wolves and man's best friend.

Spread from From Wolf to Woof! (2016)

Written by Danny Parker; Illustrated by Matt Ottley
Ages 4-8, Available Now

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Toby doesn't like heights. That's why he always carries a parachute with him. His parachute makes him feel safe when he has to climb down from his bunk bed or when he's playing on the swings. But one day, Toby's cat gets stuck in a tree, and it's up to Toby to rescue him. With the help of his parachute, Toby reaches his cat and lowers him safely to the ground. But now Toby is stuck in the tree, unless he can conquer his fears. . . .

In this gorgeous picture book from Danny Parker and Matt Ottley, a young boy named Toby slowly overcomes his fear and ventures outside of his comfort zone. Minimal text perfectly showcases the gorgeous illustrations from Ottley, which tell the bulk of the story.


Pigs and a Blanket
Written & Illustrated by James Burks
Ages 0-2, Available Now

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Pig siblings Henry and Henrietta love their green blanket. It is soft, it smells good, and it makes a great cape! As much as they each love playing with the blanket, they don't love sharing it. Will ripping it in two solve all their problems?

Author/illustrator James Burks has created a funny, relatable, sweet story about two pigs who, despite their individual interests pulling them in different directions, really prefer to remain side by side.

When two little pigs accidentally tear their beloved blanket in two, they learn a valuable lesson about sharing the thing you love. A simple, relatable sibling story.
Spread from Pigs and a Blanket (2016).


Love any of the books featured this week? Let me know in the comments!


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