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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

5 Picture Books About Adapting to Change

Change can be difficult at any age, no matter the type of change. These 5 picture books show readers young and old that, while change can be overwhelming and difficult, it will ultimately lead to new opportunities, relationships, and perspectives.

Blue Ethel
Jennifer Black Reinhardt

In this incredibly charming story from Reinhardt, a curmudgeonly cat named Ethel must adapt when she finds she's turned blue. A similarly fashion forward friend and a new perspective teach Ethel that change can be joyful, even if it takes some getting used to.

Colette's Lost Pet
Isabelle Arsenault

In this newest story from Arsenault, Colette's mother pushes her outside to explore her new neighborhood. Meeting kids her age, she tells them she's looking for lost parakeet. As the group of children searching for the lost bird grows, so do Colette's imaginative descriptions of her fictional pet. Here imagination and sharing allow a newcomer to build relationships in a new and unfamiliar place.

Forget Me Not
Nancy Van Laan / Stephanie Graegin

A touching story from Van Laan and Graegin about a young girl and her grandmother's onset of dementia. When Julia's family makes the difficult decision to move her grandmother to a home, Julia mourns the change, but soon realizes that her grandmother is happier in her new, safe environment. Even if Grandma can't remember memories about life before, Julia will never forget.
Wolfie the Bunny
Ame Dyckman / Zachariah OHora

In this collaboration from Dyckman and OHora a young bunny named Dot struggles to accept her new sibling, who demands all her parents attention. When Wolfie is threatened by a very hungry bear, Dot steps up, defending her sibling despite his decidedly wolfish tendencies. A clever story about one skeptical bunny, her questionable new sibling, and the bond of family.

A Piece of Home
Jeri Watts / Hyewon Yum
IndieBound / Amazon

In this story from Watts and Yum, Hee Jun's family moves from Korea to West Virginia, where Hee Jun struggles to communicate in English and has no friends offer support. As this young boy adapts to the big changes his family is experiencing, he finds a flower he knows from home, which serves as a connection between Korea and his new home. This quiet, thoughtful picture book is a fantastic offering to spur conversations about change and displacement. A beautiful story.

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