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Monday, May 1, 2017

National Pet Week: 5 Unconventional Pets in Picture Books

Celebrate National Pet Week this week with picture books featuring unconventional pets. From a lonely shark dog to a charming, laid-back sloth, find stories of pets that are sure to delight below.

Shark Dog!
Ged Adamson

Shark Dog is a curious mix of shark and dog, which often leaves him feeling out of place. Adamson's illustrations and story are both funny and heartfelt; readers will feel for the lonely little shark dog. The story's resolution is sweetly hopeful and will leave readers wishing for a shark dog of their own.

Charlotte and the Rock
Stephen W. Martin / Samantha Cotterill

Charlotte didn't have a rock in mind when she asked for a pet, but she decides to look for the positive. Rocks don't cuddle or play fetch or any of the normal pet activities, but Charlotte comes to love her rock just the same. If only the rock could love her back...

Izzy & Oscar
Allison Estes / Dan Stark / Tracy Dockray

Captain Izzy is seeking a pet when an octopus wiggles into town. Oscar isn't a conventional pet, so he falls short as Izzy tries to train him, but it turns out Oscar has skills only an octopus can have. This sweet story about tackling fears and acceptance will win many fans.
How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth
Michelle Robinson / Kate Hindley
  How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth is a helpful step-by-step guide to giving your woolly mammoth a bath, a tricky task for anyone with a pet woolly mammoth. Utilizing spare text, hilarious illustrations, a rather expressive mammoth, this handy guide will have your mammoth squeaky clean and ready to cuddle in no time!

Jenny Offill / Chris Appelhans
IndieBound / Amazon

The little girl in Sparky! is promised a pet - "as long as it doesn't need to be walked or bathed or fed." The helpful local librarian introduces the girl to the sloth, which in addition to being the laziest animal in the world, fulfills all of her mother's requirements. When the sloth arrives, she names him Sparky and, once delivered to his tree in the back yard, he doesn't wake for two whole days. Sparky might not be like most pets - he doesn't fetch or roll over, though he is really quite good at playing statue - but she loves him all the same. 

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