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Friday, June 15, 2007

Review: An Avon True Romance: Tess and the Highlander by May McGoldrick

"Tess Lindsay has spend most of her life on the remote Isle of May, uncertain of her identity. Raised by the two sole inhabitants of the island, she is left to fend for herself after their deaths, until a stranger washes ashore in a storm. Tess pulls him from the surf, not knowing that in saving the Highlander she is saving herself. If good looks and a taste for adventure are a curse, Colin Macpherson is destined for ruin. Until he ends up a castaway on Tess's windswept island, he's been roaming the seas, seeking fame, fortune... and a different girl in every port. But his fascination for this strong-willed lass goes beyond her wild beauty, intriguing him as not girl ever has. As Colin gains her trust, Tess reveals what little she knows about herself and her past. From her scant clues, though, Colin comes to one conclusion: He must return Tess to the mainland to reclaim her birthright, even if it means losing her to a destiny that does not include him."

This was a good installment in the Avon True Romance series, but still not as good as Meg Cabots contributions. I did like the setting of this book though (Scotland AND England.) The characters were good as well, but this book was almost too predictable. It doesn't leave much up to the imagination...


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