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Friday, June 15, 2007

Review: If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince by Melissa Kantor

"When high school sophomore Lucy Norton's father remarries, Lucy's life is turned upside down. She and her father move from their West Coast home to a suburb on Long Island. With a small bedroom in the unfinished basement, unlimited chores, a blank social calender, and a huge crush on the dashing prince of the varsity basketball team, Lucy's life has the makings of a Cinderella story - complete with two bratty stepsisters and a wicked stepmother. So isn't she supposed to get the prince? And go to the senior prom?"

I liked this book, but Lucy's age (younger than me) and her personality weren't as magnetic as characters in Confessions of a Not It Girl. I really started to hate Lucy's stepmom a lot, so it was kind of awkward how Lucy's feelings changed towards her. It almost seemed to happen to fast to me, making the character seem underdeveloped, like none of the feelings were real, only obviously fictional.


  1. I will agree with you. It was a good book to read. But what bothered me was her father wouldn't even listen to her barely and choosed her stepmohter instead. It sort've made me cry how nobody listned. and her stemother well was pointly a witch. So i dont kinda corny and i thought it was a little wierd how at the end everything was all fine and dandy. Her stepmother was nicer same with the step sisters and her room actually got furnished because of whom ever was staying the night. also wouldnt you think her father belive her she made it sound as though they were so close. so as i'm saying everything just turned into a happy ending i'd give this book 7/10.

  2. I didn't really like this book. Even though she had a not-so-friendly-stepmother and a couple of smart-alecy sisters, doesn't mean her life was ALL corrupt. I can think of so many more problems that kids face that are so much more devistating.

    Has anyone here read Twilight?

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  4. well, i for one believed that the story was great. as a sophmore in high school myself, i was able to relate and understand what exactly lucy was feeling. although it seemed like the end of the world through her eyes, it wasnt.but quite honestly, thats how all teenagers feel; as though their whole life is falling apart. i do not believe tht kantors purpose was to show what a bad life Lucy had, but to show you that although your life is rough, you can still make the best of it. as a teenager, i understanhd that completely.


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