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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At The Movies: YEAR ONE

Today I went with my boyfriend and his younger brother to see Year One, starring Michael Cera and Jack Black.

Zed (Jack Black) and Oh (Michael Cera) are kicked out of their tribe after Zed eats fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. They head for the mountains, over which they expect to find the edge of the world. To Oh's surprise, the world does not end at the mountains. They travel onward, meeting such historical/biblical figures as Caine and Abel, and Abraham. Meanwhile, their tribe is sold into slavery. When Zed and Oh find out, they decide that they must rescue their tribesmen (and, more importantly, women) and set out to do so.

[from trailer]
Zed: You could be my right-hand man.
Oh: I've seen what you do with your right hand. No, thank you.

My Opinion:
Ok, so parts of this movie were funny. Parts were just ridiculous. Parts were downright inappropriate. Plus, while I totally love Michael Cera (everything he says is funny to me), I find Jack Black pretty freaking annoying. My boyfriend and his brother love Jack Black though... so they didn't really have a problem with that aspect of the movie. My boyfriend's brother thought it was hilarious, my boyfriend thought it was okay, and I wished that I would have saved my $8. I should have waited for the DVD. After it was in the dollar section. I say, skip Year One and go see The Hangover instead.


  1. Definitely a rental for me - prolly from the library. I only see big-time action flicks in the theatres anymore.


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