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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maggie Stiefvater is hosting a contest for Shiver!

Here are the rules from her Blog:

And now for the contest! First of all, the lovely prizes.

1) Two ARCs of SHIVER, mailed out as soon as the contest is finished.
2) Two finished copies of SHIVER, mailed out as soon as I get my author's copies.
3) Two CDs of the music I wrote for SHIVER and LAMENT.
4) 15 minute live-chat with the author (that would be me) to talk about my books, your books, your dog, or whatever!

And the rules:

1) Watch the trailer I made for SHIVER below (it took me dozens of hours to make the hundreds of paper cut outs and then photograph the multiple frames per second)(Yes I am crazy).
2) Post a link to the trailer or embed the trailer online. Every unique place you post it counts as an entry. Sooo that means you can embed it on your LJ, post a link on twitter, post a link on your Facebook, and embed it on Myspace, and it would count as 4 entries.
3) Comment back here telling me where you linked it, numbered like so: 1. LJ, 2. Twitter, 3. Facebook, 4. Blogger, etc., with linkies, so I can spend my time writing more books instead of counting and verifying entries.

I will hold a Giant Drawing on Tuesday, July 7th, at 9 p.m., and post the winners here and on my Livejournal Blog.

Here is the video:


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