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Monday, July 20, 2009

New Header and Layout!

As of today my new header and layout are up thanks to the amazing Korianne!

Korianne's blog is located here:

It was so easy and wonderful to work with Korianne! When I first contacted her I didn't really know what I wanted, but she directed me to some websites that helping me come up with more concrete ideas. Then I sent her some backgrounds I liked and a couple pictures that I thought would fit well with my blog title, The Hiding Spot.

The rest, honestly, was all Korianne. She found more pictures that worked well in the header and matched the colors to the background.

I never could have done all this without her - I would still be sitting her looking at my same old pink template - and so would all you blog readers out there!

If you have a blog that is in need of some serious spicing up, go take a look at Korianne's site! She's a lifesaver and really talented!


  1. Korianne is wicked amazing! I love her work! She made my banner, too.


  2. This is a really cute layout. I love green!


  3. I was only happy to do so Sara! Glad you like it! If you ever need help in the future I will do my best to answer any questions!

  4. I love Korianne's headers. They are so so cute.


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