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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eyes Like Stars Costume Contest!

Lisa Mantchev is hosting an Eyes Like Stars Costume Contest!

I've decided to participate, as I've recently read ELS and loved it! Read my review, here.

The Details, from Lisa's blog:
With Halloween coming up, and costuming ideas percolating through my brain, I'm going to start a blog-for-a-book contest for hardcover copies of Eyes Like Stars.

To Win:

1) Pick your favorite character from Eyes Like Stars.
2) Compose a blog entry showing how someone could dress like that character Halloween.
3) Be witty. Include pictures and links to items that are actually for sale. Points given for creativity, thriftiness/extravagance, glitter, and fun.
4) Include a link to the Théâtre Illuminata website:
5) Email me the link to your entry ( lisa at lisamantchev dot com ) with the subject line: COSTUME CONTEST
6) Goodwill points accrued for tweeting, facebooking, and other social media verb-ing this contest.
7) Triple bonus points awarded for dressing up as a character and taking a picture.

Winners will be chosen by the Management on November 1st.

And a Théâtre Illuminata bonus prize package will be issued to The Most Shiny: Bertie's black-and-white knee socks, green glitter hairspray, black glitter nail polish, black fishnet gloves, Jones Orange Cream Soda candy (found in the Green Room!) Backstage Pass bracelets, signed bookplates, and more.

(The Management is currently working to get the entries in the Glitter Tour Giveaway up and running on GoogleMaps and thanks you for your patience.)
My Entry:
I've decided to write a post with pictures and links demonstrating how to dress up like:

Bertie is the star of Eyes Like Stars! She's spunky, fun, and smart!

The Hair:
Bertie is a hair diva! At the beginning of ELS, she dyes her hair a lovely shade of blue. This wig would work perfectly if one was dressing up as Bertie! I think this cat models it perfectly and the picture on the right has a lots of attitude! I think Bertie would approve!

Go here to buy a blue wig!

The Makeup:
Bertie's makeup shows her flair the the dramatic, so smokey eye makeup does the trick!

Go here to buy eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara to achieve this look! :)

The Eyewear:
When Bertie attends her fateful meeting with Management, she dons a pair of chic glasses!

Go here to buy this pair!

The attire:
Bertie is a unique, and above all, fun dresser! In my mind, she's a bit of a fashionista who sets trends as she chooses her outfits from the Theatre's custume department! There are two outfit combinations below... One that is a bit truer to the novel and one that I can imagine her wearing!

Pinstripe Corset: go here for details! Black skinny jeans: details here!

This dress screams Bertie to me! Details here!

The shoes:
Bertie has a interesting run-in with heels in ELS!

These are adorable! And they woould totally match either outfit above! And Bertie's hair! Not sure if it weird to match hair to shoes, but Bertie could pull it off! Details here!

The Accessories:
Bertie wears an amulet given to her by Nate - which I think is really the only jewelry she needs! I mean, it is from Nate, plus it is integral to the plot of ELS!

It is hard to find a pendant that fits perfectly, but this one is pretty! Details here!

Well, I had way to much fun finding items that I thought would work great as a Bertie Costume! Who is your favorite character and what would you wear if you dressed up that character for Halloween? If you are participating in this contest, be sure to leave me a link in the comments so I can see what you chose! :)

Check out the Theatre Illuminata Website, here!


  1. That is awesome! I still need to do this. Those heels are sweet!!!

  2. Wow you went to a lot of effort with this, it's great! Love the hair/wig, how awesome =D

    Good luck with the contest!!!

  3. WONDERFUL. Loved seeing what you came up with!! :D


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