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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon Contests and Minichallenges!

Those of you participating in the Readathon, make sure you check out all of the great contests going on!

Cindy over at Princess Bookie is holding many great contests that are quick and easy to enter! There are so many great books being given away by bloggers, authors, and publishers! Make sure to check out my giveaway of a hardcover copy of The Tear Collector, here.

One contest that many may be interested in is the contest to win 4 arcs from an anonymous fellow blogger! Books include: The Dark Divine, The Unwritten Rule, Bleeding Violet, and Voices of Dragons!
Check out that contest, here! I would love to win this contest because I love Elizabeth Scott and would be so pumped to get to read  The Unwritten Rule, plus all the other arcs are on my wishlist!

There are lots of mini-challenges being hosted throughout the day as well! Go to the Dewey's Readathon homepage to check them out!


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