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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing Favorites with Courtney Summers

It has been said that playing favorites isn't nice, but sometimes it's impossible not to! Join me weekly at The Hiding Spot as I share a favorite author... and the author shares a few favorite things of their own.


Genre: Contemporary YA

Cracked Up to Be (2008)
Some Girls Are (2010) Review

Mean girls and emotionally charged novels are Courtney Summers' specialty. Filled with main characters you hate to love, brutal emotion, and dark themes, both of Summers' novels are must reads for teens and adults.


Novel: Some Girls Are
It was hard to choose a favorite between Summers' two amazing novels! Perhaps it's simply because I read SGA more recently, but it came out slightly ahead.

Character: Regina
Regina is absolutely, perfectly horrible. She's the epitome of the mean girl in all of us... and the fact that some part of me identifies with her creates a bond that has me forgiving her transgressions and cheering her on. Well, cheering on the good decisions anyway.

Quote: "I elbow my way through the mass of people to get to my locker because there's something immensely satisfying about the toughest part of my arm connecting with the softest part of everyone else."
This quote, from page 3 of Cracked Up to Be, sets the tone for both of Summers' novels.


Author: Robert Cormier.
Everything he writes is incredible and difficult in the best of ways.

Quote: "I have always believed in the principle that immediate survival is more important than long-term survival." - Jack McClelland
I just love this quote and revisit it a lot.

Song: Toto's Africa!
Do I even have to explain this one? I run away screaming from people who do not love this song.

Animal: Birds!
I love any and all types of birds. I've had quite a few as pets growing up. They're wonderful.

Word: Fisticuffs.
Just say it out loud! Have you said it yet? See what I mean? Typing it is also fun. That is why it is my most favourite word ever.

For more information about Courtney and her novels
check out the links below:


  1. I love this new feature, it's great!! LOL fisticuffs... I did just say that out loud. Hmm, she has a point. I think it may be made of awesome :D

    I hope you continue the Playing Favourites for the long term, I like :) And I so need to check out her books!

  2. Sara, I LOVE this new feature. This is the kind of stuff that we don't really get to hear about in normal interviews. (And fisticuffs? I didn't even know that was a word. It's educational too!) I'm looking forward to more authors. :)

  3. This is a nice and excellet novels which give the entertainment and funniest way for enjoyment.

    Thanks and Regard:

  4. I have "Africa" by Toto! I think I listened to it too much, because I got sick of it. xD I really liked it like 2 months ago though.
    What is fisticuffs? Hehe it sounds pretty cool.
    I really want to read Some Girls Are- I've heard really good things about it.

  5. This is a great meme, Sara , just loving it! fisticuffs? I didn't know there was such a word!

  6. What exactly is a fisticuff? :P
    I haven't read Some Girls Are yet but I loved Cracked Up To Be!

  7. I read Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War when I was 12. For me it was one of those life changing novels.

  8. I have just read 1 book by courtney summers but I loved it.I have seen the movie Chocolate War. Is the book better?

  9. Woow! it's the first time I see this section, ans it's great!!
    I love Courtney Summers, but I haven't read SGA yet. Now, I think I should!

  10. Fisticuffs? LOL! That is so funny!
    Birds are so lovely! My favorite animals too!

  11. haha i love this its really cool!
    sadly, i'm not a big fan of robert cormier. The Chocolate War is a classic, and for some reason it didn't get to me at all. maybe i was distracted at the time and didn't really pay much attention to the book. I think i'll try reading it again sometime...

    angela z

  12. For some reason, I found the quote from page 3 of Cracked Up to Be very funny. I like the way it's phrased.
    LOL fisticuffs!!

  13. Hah wow you always choose the best quotes from these books. I still haven't read this book yet, I'm iffy about it because of all the vulgar in it. (I'm not a fan of bad words..)

    I haven't heard of Robert Cormier; maybe I'll check him out sometime!

  14. That quote from Cracked Up to Be is interesting, makes you think what kind of character is expressing that emotion and how she got to the point of feeling such.

  15. Oh I got such a foreboding just looking at the cover of Some Girls Are (it looks beautiful but it is clear this novel is deep).

    Fisticuff? I agree, fun word :-) lol

  16. I have to repeat everyone else and say: fisticuff?? lol. And you are one of my fave authors. As soon as I read Cracked Up To Be I ran out and bought SOme Girls Are. I look forward to whatever's next!


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