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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Character Interview: Rosetta from Freefall by Mindi Scott!

I think it's clear that I'm a huge supporter or Mindi Scott and her debut novel, FREEFALL, so I'm very excited to share an interview with one of the main characters, Rosetta.

Rosetta is, arguably, my favorite character. From her first appearance in the novel I was intrigued... As the novel progresses we learn quite a bit about her past, especially how it intertwines with Seth's life and past, but I liked her so much that I almost wished she had her own novel.

The Interview

Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
Neurotic, quirky golf girl.

Your first actual conversation with Seth left much to be desired. Your next encounter consisted of him almost running you over. With a car. What made you give him a third chance?
Ha! Well, not giving him a chance wasn’t a true option since we got stuck working together. I realized, though, that while he probably deserved for me to dislike him for the things he’d said and done, the main reason I was upset was simply that he wasn’t quite who I’d imagined him to be. I was comparing the real Seth McCoy with someone who didn’t exist. And that wasn’t fair at all.

You grow closer to Seth while in Interpersonal Communications together. Seth takes the class for an easy A, but why did you choose the subject?
Honestly, the guidance counselor chose it for me. She told me it was going to look SO great on my transcripts. About five minutes into the class I figured out that she’d really just wanted to put me into a situation where I’d have to talk to people. She’s a tricky one, that Ms. Naylor!

Seth spends quite a bit of time with Kendall, who used to live next door and dated his late best friend, Isaac. What’s your stance on Kendall… and Kendall and Seth’s relationship?
Kendall is a very in-your-face kind of girl and we don’t have much in common. And Seth and Kendall? Well, that’s another example of my expectations and reality not matching up. Kendall is a lot to have to get used to . . .

On more than one occasion, when Seth is trying to find you, he discovers you at the club playing solitary golf. What draws you to golf?
As the story goes, I was swinging toy golf clubs before I could walk. So that’s why I first got into it—because it’s always been a huge thing for my family. It’s a really great sport, though! It’s an awesome challenge, you can play alone or with someone—whatever you feel like—and it all happens outdoors with beautiful surroundings. What could be better than that?

Be sure to check out my review of FREEFALL here and my interview with Mindi Scott here. Sounds like something you'd like to read? You can enter to win a copy here.


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