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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Books of 2010 (Part I)

This year was interesting. I've always named Epic Fantasy as my favorite genre, but this was the year of Contemporary YA. The Paranormal and Fantasy novels that made this list were all fantastic, but it was really the Contemporary novels that took the show this year.
I tried to pick 10... and failed. So, instead of one huge post, I'm going to have three Best of 2010 posts with 5 books in each post. 
Each and every book on this list had something special that set it apart from the rest of the 90+ books I read over this year. Here are the first five, in no particular order: 

Part I

BLEEDING VIOLET by Dia Reeves Goodreads Review
Turns out that the first book I read in 2010 ended up being one of my favorites... Dia Reeves' debut is so fantastically messed up that I simply could. not. look. away. I'm looking forward to reading her new offering, SLICE OF CHERRY, in 2011!

THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES by Kristina McBride Goodreads Review
McBride's debut completely blew me away... I picked it up expecting dark and dreary, but that definitely wasn't what I found. The one word I always come back to when it comes to this novel is balance. McBride took a serious subject and added lighter elements, like romance, in a way that didn't detract from the novel's impact.

THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson Goodreads Review
What to even say about Nelson's debut? Even though it's totally nerdy and I probably shouldn't even admit it to anyone, when I finished reading this novel I literally clapped. In my room. By myself. Gorgeous writing, characters, story... I'm very curious to see what Nelson writes next.

FREEFALL by Mindi Scott Goodreads Review
I don't read many male narrated novels, but I made a conscious decision to read more after finishing FREEFALL. Narrated by the supremely f-ed up Seth, this novel that tackles teen drinking, it's consequences, and the difficulty of starting anew after loss. Plus, it'll easily appeal to guys and girls: WIN.

THE DUFF by Kody Keplinger Goodreads Review
Never before has enemies-with-benefits looked so good. Keplinger honestly and deftly confronts teen sex and the effects of a negative self image, making her an author to watch...  This debut will shock some, but it will touch many more. A must read for all my girlfriends and sisters - and you too!

Stay tuned for Part II and III over the next couple days!

What were your favorite books of 2010? Feel free to share in the comments or link to your own Best of 2010 post!


  1. Interesting titles... they´re all in my tbr pile... looks like I REALLY have to read them right? I´ll wait for the Part II and III ^^
    Happy New Year

    -Mariana S

  2. I finished TENSION OF OPPOSITES the other day and I really enjoyed it. You're right, you expected something dark and what you got was...hopeful.

    I really want to read Bleeding Violet.


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