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Monday, December 27, 2010

Blogging and Reading Resolutions for 2011

Reading has always been an important part of my life, but, over the past year and a half, blogging and the YA community have grown in importance as well. Up to this point, I've been doing a lot of experimenting... review styles, different features, memes, etc. Now I know a bit more about what direction I want to take The Hiding Spot, and I'm hoping these resolutions will help me get there.

1. Have fun. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I don't have fun right now... it's just that sometimes things get a little too stressful and, though I hope that one day I'll have some type of bookish career, blogging is not my job. I have a job. Two actually. And school. And a family. And friends. The Hiding Spot is an outlet and is, in many ways, supposed to be a stress reliever. So while I love promoting the books and authors I love, I have to remember to stay focused on what really matters: the stories, the characters, the joy that reading brings. I lost track of that in 2010 and I definitely don't want it happening again.

2. Diversify. The Hiding Spot is focused on YA lit, but I adore SciFi and Epic Fantasy as well and there are so many great books that have definite cross-over appeal. I'd like to try to feature these books and authors more often, not only because they deserve a shout-out, but because I miss reading them!

3. Organization. I used to super organized... I don't know what happened, but I need to make this happen. I need some plan of action, otherwise I basically flail around like a crazy person. This is both scary and unproductive. I need to utilize a planner more often.

4. Timeliness. I have this problem where I read a book and then don't actually review it. At first, I'll brush it off, saying I need to brainstorm. Then I just keep putting it off... and then forget important details. Or just little details that leave me worried that I've botched a name or some other detail that someone will notice. Not good. I'm going to try to jot things down as I read or right after I finishing reading to make sure I can remember things that catch my attention. I'll always have things to write about and will be better able to keep details straight.

Do you have any blogging or reading resolutions for 2011?


  1. Great post, I do the same with reviews and then never end up posting them. I suggest writing half the review when you read the first couple chapters and then completing the review once you're done with the book.

  2. Great resolutions. Hope you will add one more entry in your list, like: "5. Write one single page of fiction every day" and upgrade from "ex-aspiring novelist" to "born again YA novelist extraordinaire". Happy new year 2011

  3. I do the same thing with reviews, the whole I need to brainstorm, then I put that off and end up waiting forever to review.

    And yay yay yay for diversifying!

  4. Great resolutions. I just posted some of my goals on my blog but they are pretty similar. Good luck with yours!

  5. Those are definitely some good goals. I definitely need to kick my habit of procrastinating.

  6. I agree with all these. Especially diversify. I've discovered new books I've loved outside my comfort zone because of blog reviews. I look forward to the new reviews!

    I'm breaking out my planner this year too. And YES, YES, YES to having fun. When we're having fun, it shows.


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