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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mini Review: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Usually I don't do this, talk about a book before I review it, but I just can't help it. Today I read one of those novels that leaves bookworms like me so emotionally drained yet so incredibly joyful. You've heard it from me before... after reading Kristina McBride's THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES, Lauren Oliver's BEFORE I FALL, and Melina Marchetta's JELLICOE ROAD... some books just resonate with you. THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE is another one of those books for me.

Jandy Nelson's debut novel has left me speechless and completely in love with her writing. There were so many times that I just wanted to read a passage or line over and over again. To write it down. Remember it forever. It was so unbelievably beautiful.

When I finished it, way too quickly, I had to talk about it. I immediately went to find a friend, only to discover that I couldn't even really speak coherently about it... except to say: You have to read this book. Which she promised she would. She was totally laughing at me because of how excited I was about this book, but, I'm telling you, you should be.

So. After that, I leave you with the book trailer. It is so deceptively simple, but, watching it now, it almost makes me cry. THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE is not a novel I'll soon forget.


  1. I'm totally reading this book next! I've had it for some time but just haven't got to it yet but I'll definitely now have to find the time. Plus, the trailer is pretty great (love it's simplicity and simple but haunting quotes).

  2. Wow!

    You definitely got me motivated to read this one: I've been hearing awesome things about it. Plus, the cover is gorgeous, the title is amazing, and it seems like the prose is beyond brilliant.

    Must. Get. This. Book. :D

  3. I have this one and now your making me want to read it right now!! even though I have books that need to be read first. I may just be naughty and bump it up a little

  4. Oh wow...I've had this one sitting on my shelves for so long. Now I feel terrible for neglecting it since it's good. I'll have to pull this out soon.

  5. Stop raving about it! I swear I will read it! LOL ;D

  6. Wow, I so totally need to read this book! You've successfully managed to make me incredibly excited to read this just from your mini review alone. Plus I love the trailer!

  7. This book sounds amazing! And the trailer is great! Great review, even if it was small ;) Oh, and by the way, I received Dreaming Anastasia in the mail yesterday. Thank you!


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