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Monday, March 1, 2010

Cover of the Week (3)

Every time is see this cover, I get excited about it all over again. The main character is only eleven, so it is technically what I would classify as more of  a middle grade novel, which I don't usually pick up, but this one just sounds amazing! Honestly, I've always had a thing for owls, so that really influenced my favor of the cover art! You can find more information about THE OWL KEEPER and a book trailer below!

Title: The Owl Keeper
Author: Christine Brodien-Jones
Publisher: Delacorte BFYR
Pub. Date: April 13th, 2010
Maxwell Unger has always loved the night. He used to do brave things like go tramping through the forest with his gran after dark. He loved the stories she told him about the world before the Destruction—about nature, and books, and the silver owls. His favorite story, though, was about the Owl Keeper.

According to Max’s gran, in times of darkness the Owl Keeper would appear to unite owls and sages against the powers of the dark. Gran is gone now, and so are her stories of how the world used to be. Max is no longer brave. The forest is dangerous, the books Gran had saved have been destroyed, and the silver owls are extinct. At least that’s what the High Echelon says. But Max knows better.
Maxwell Unger has a secret. And when a mysterious girl comes to town, he might just have to start being brave again.
The time of the Owl Keeper, Gran would say, is coming soon.


  1. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for featuring my book THE OWL KEEPER as your cover of the week! It's really a beautiful cover, isn't it? I'm so attached to that little owl! The artist who drew it is a very talented guy who lives in Spain.
    I hope you'll find the trailer intriguing! The music was composed by a young musician from Boston.
    Happy reading!
    Christine Brodien-Jones

  2. Wow! Cute owl! I love this cover!! The hauntingly mysterious moon in the background, and the scary buildings and amazing. My favorite is the beautiful tree and the owl! I want to read this!

  3. I'm drawn to this cover simple because it's an owl :) BUT the story sounds good too. It's one I'll be looking at for my 7th graders.


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