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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Interview & Contest: Erica S. Perl (Author of Vintage Veronica!)

I'm thrilled to have Erica Perl, author of the newly released YA novel Vintage Veronica, here at The Hiding Spot today! Erica has kindly answered some questions about VV, a novel that swept me off my feet and left me anxious for her future novels!

The Interview:

Give a short description or statement about VINTAGE VERONICA that will lure in readers.

Veronica Walsh’s summer job at a vintage clothing store is a dream come true because she can spend her days separating the one-of-a-kind gem garments from the Dollar-a-Pound duds without having to deal with people. But when two outrageous salesgirls urge her to spy on a mysterious and awkward stock boy, Veronica’s summer takes a turn for the weird. She may have to come out of hiding and follow something even riskier for the first time: her heart.

What inspired Veronica’s story?
A vintage clothing store called The Garment District was my inspiration, and some of the details of The Clothing Bonanza, where Veronica works, definitely came from that. The story I wanted to tell, about feeling insecure and vulnerable and trying to hide from having to deal with other people, seemed particularly compelling in an unusual setting like this. I like the juxtaposition of trash-and-treasures clothing with the story of Veronica trying to figure out who and what to value, including herself.

Veronica is not a trusting person and, at the beginning of the novel, she has a difficult time letting people in. It is almost as if she doesn’t want to be noticed. At the same time, she has an outrageous fashion sense that most definitely turns heads. What do these opposing actions reveal about Veronica?
Ooo, good question! I think Veronica has this desire to reject people before they have a chance to reject her. So she dresses kind of in-your-face for two reasons: 1) she loves what she wears, so she stubbornly wears it even though she knows some people may laugh at her; and 2) being laughed at gives her an excuse to put up her guard and avoid real relationships. I applaud the first reason, but feel sad for the second one.

Veronica refers to the “awkward stock boy” where she works as “the Nail,” which was inspired by a song. How did you come to decide on this nickname for Len?
It was actually inspired by a song, just like Veronica says. But in my mind, “the nail” became the term for a person who lets other people walk all over them. So it fit Len really well. Although I think the reason Veronica hates to see Len act this way is because she knows she’s actually a lot like him.

Can you tell us anything about your next YA novels/projects?
I’m currently working on another novel, and I’m very excited about it, but I should probably leave it at that.

The Hiding Spot is dedicated to my personal hiding spot, books. What place, person, or activity is your personal hiding spot?
Definitely books. I think they are the best places to lose oneself! !

Go HERE to read my review of VINTAGE VERONICA.

And, if VV sounds like you're kind of novel, be sure to go HERE and enter for a chance to win your very own copy! The contest will run until April 15th and is only open to those will US and Canada mailing addresses.

Thank you, Erica, for taking the time to answer my questions and for donating a copy of the novel for one lucky winner! :)


  1. Erica sounds amazing and I can't wait to read her book! Great review and interview :)

  2. Great interview! I loved the questions you asked:)

  3. I like the idea of this book. My sister is one of those people who dresses crazily and over-the-top every day. Sometimes I think about taking pictures and starting a blog "What (the hell?) my sister is wearing today". I like it, but we've got very different styles (although we have ths same shoe size, so there is borrowing going on).

  4. This was a great interview.. After reading this and the review, I will definitely be on the lookout for this one. It just sounds amazing..

  5. I loved learning a little about Veronica. Especially about why she dresses the way she does. Good stuff!! :]


  6. I love getting to know authors better know because it helps me better understand their written word! :)

  7. I love meeting new authors and will be on the lookout for Erica Perl's books!

  8. The cover is so cute!
    Love, Hannah

  9. What a wonderful interview! I really enjoy seeing first time authors interviewed, and reading her responses makes me want to read her book even more. Thanks!

  10. U won a copy of NUMBERS!!!!! (at my blog lol )

  11. Thanks for sharing your voice Erica! Great interview!

  12. Great interview! I've often been inspired by vintage clothing stores, but usually they inspire me to spend my money! I can't wait to read this one, and I'm glad to hear she's working on even more great things!

  13. Veronica sounds like my kinda gal... she's a bit defensive but still!

    Can't wait to read it!~

  14. "I think Veronica has this desire to reject people before they have a chance to reject her"

    I can definitely relate to that. In fact, the whole book sounds relatable. Great interview :D.

  15. (Sorry for the double post, but I entered the contest as SONIA)

  16. Eek I hope I caught this in time! :)
    This is a great interview, thank you for introducing me to more great books (like I need more books lol).

    teargirl1 at telus dot net


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