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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Interview: Amy Brecount White (Author of Forget-Her-Nots!)

Please welcome Amy Brecount White, the author of the newly released FORGET-HER-NOTS, to The Hiding Spot! After watching the novel's book trailer and reading my quick interview with Amy, be sure to collect your virtual flower! For more information about the SPREAD THE FLOWER LOVE Tour and Amy's stops, see here!

Give a short statement about FORGET-HER-NOTS that will lure in readers.

Are you attracted by the scent or sight of flowers? Have you ever felt a rush of specialness when someone gave you a bloom? Experience the fun and joy of first love, as Laurel discovers and tries – not always successfully -- to master her mysterious flower powers.

[But remember, it’s not a fantasy novel, more like magic realism.]

Your main character’s name is Laurel… is there any particular reason you chose that name?
Definitely. It’s part of the flower lore of Laurel’s life. Her mom, Lily, chose that name as a clue to her powers. In the language of flowers, laurel means “glory” and mountain laurel means “ambition.” Lily had high hopes for her daughter’s floral abilities.

If you were putting together a bouquet that represented yourself, which flowers would you use?
Great question!
-Rosemary for remembrance, because I’d like to be a memorable part of my friends, family, and readers’ lives.
-Mountain laurel for ambition, because I do want to be the best writer I can be.
-Blue violet for faithfulness because I am a loyal friend
-Poppy for fantastic extravagance, because it’s on my cover, and I love to have fun.
-Hyacinth for sport, games, play. I coach my daughter’s soccer team and love to be outside, preferably on a bike or rollerblades.
-White bellflower, because I’m grateful to God, my family, and all my readers for their support of me and my dream!!

Can you give us any details about your next novel(s)?
Yes! I’m writing a contemporary novel called STRING THEORIES. It’s about the physics of relationships, love and lust, and getting even. After that I’d love to write a companion novel to FHN in which the characters are older and get involved with the intrigue of orchids.

The Hiding Spot is dedicated to my personal hiding spot, books. What, where, or who is your hiding spot?
I’m going to be unoriginal and say books are mine, too! We moved all over the country when I was younger, so books have always been a source of stability and refuge for me. I read before bed – often staying up way too late! – but I need that escape into another world. I love experiencing other countries, times, people and places – all through a book!

For more information about Amy or to say hi, visit her website or look her up on Twitter!

And last, but not least, be sure to collect your virtual flower!!


  1. great interview! you have an award at my blog

  2. Ohh, I bet your bouquet would smell wonderful!

  3. yes i also bet your bouquet would smell good! cant wait to read your newest book your working on when it comes out!!! =)


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