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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cover of the Week (10)

Cover of the Week is a weekly feature at The Hiding Spot, in which I share a cover that gives me that swoony feeling.

Timeless by Alexandra Monir
Delacorte BFYR/1.11.11
Description (from GoodReads):
When her mother is killed in a car accident, Michele Windsor has no choice but to move in with the wealthy grandparents she's never met in New York. Disillusioned by their coldness, Michele retreats into her room, where she discovers her great-great-aunt's journal--and, once she touches its pages, finds herself hurtled back in time.

In the glamorous Gilded Age, Michele learns that a wedding is coming up between the Windsors and another prominent family, the Walkers. But when Michele attends a party, something miraculous happens: while almost no one can see her in this era, one gorgeous young man with sparkling blue eyes can. Drawn together by mutual attraction, the two bond over music and the parents they've recently lost. But when the party is over, Michele learns the truth--the man she just fell for is Phillip Walker. And she, unknowingly, has just inspired him to call off his wedding to her great-great-aunt, prompting a family feud that will last for generations.
As Michele travels back and forth in time, she and Phillip meet over and over, always frustrated by their inability to have more than a few hours together. Michele knows she should try to make a life in the present, but none of the boys at school can hold a candle to Phillip. Finally, Michele tries to end their romance altogether--spurring a tragedy that transcends generations. Has Michele destroyed her chances for happiness? Or is her love for Phillip . . . timeless?

I was already intrigued by the description of this novel, but the cover art has catapulted it to top of my 2011 wishlist. I love the cover model's expression and can't help but wonder if the necklace she's wearing somehow factors into the story.


  1. Ahh, I know what you're talking about with the cover! I love it, it's completely gorgeous, and of course it sounds like it's going to be a great read.
    2011, come soon!

  2. Oh dear. Cover is gorgeous (where do you FIND these?!) but the plotline sounds EXACTLY like some horrible YA romance book I read in middle school. O.O I kid you not. The whole time travel foribdden love type thing? Ya. If I could only remember the title!!! Oh well. I might give this a shot, JUST because the cover is so pretty.

  3. Ooh, I love the description and the cover is wonderful! Nice find :)

  4. Awesome pick! This sounds so good!

  5. Nice cover, interesting plot! I'm wondering how it'll be resolved... does modern-day 16-year-old Michele end up marrying the (by then) 70-year-old Phillip?

    I assume she becomes her own great-great-aunt or something... ahh, the paradoxes :D At least she won't become her own great-grandmother! (I assume. But you never do know....)


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