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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CSN Stores and Upcoming Bookshelf Review

A couple days ago, I was contacted by James from CSN Stores. CSN consists of over 200 stores, which means they sell pretty anything you're in the market for, including lighting, home decor, and housewares. There was, however, one store that immediately drew my attention: BOOKCASES.

As a book addict showing no signs of kicking the habit any time soon, I'm always in need of a new bookcase. I live in a dorm during the school year and an apartment during the summer, so I never have a lot of room and I have to haul all my books and furniture up and down flights of stairs every few months. All of this causes me to favor bookshelves that are sturdy with minimal frills. I love hanging bookshelves, but it's near impossible to hang one on a dorm wall (legally), so I steer clear of those. I was happy to find a couple shelves in CSN's store that look like they'd suit me perfectly:

I'll be reviewing one of these lovely bookcases soon at The Hiding Spot! Be sure to check out CSN Stores... they have tons to choose from and very reasonable prices! They also advertise hassle free returns and free shipping, which is always nice!


  1. Nice! I'm reviewing a bakeware item for CSN sometime soon, and I've seen a lot of these reviews/giveaways pop up around the blogosphere. Good luck with your bookcase!

  2. I'm loving the spine book tower.


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