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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breast Cancer 3-Day

So, I've recently joined a club where I go to school called The Pink Ladies, where we work to raise awareness about breast cancer, do walks, and volunteer.

Then, I found a post by Jackson Pearce about the Breast Cancer 3-Day, which I had never heard of... Jackson has a nifty contest going on over at her site to help raise awareness about the 3-Day, so go over and check it out!

Info from the website:
The Breast Cancer 3-Day is an amazing 60-mile journey that helps mothers, sisters, spouses, and friends get one step closer to a world without breast cancer. Join us for three inspirational days where together we’ll walk so long, so far, and with so much hope, the world will hear our footsteps.

Everyone who participates in the Breast Cancer 3-Day discovers her (or his!) own personal meaning, regardless of their size, age, athletic ability or lack thereof. For some, it’s the overwhelming pride that comes from completing what they thought was impossible. For others, it’s the joy of doing something so big and bold they know they’ve made a difference. And for many, it’s the opportunity to bond with loved ones or forge new friendships that last a lifetime.

If you have a chance to participate, please do! If you can't participate, you can donate to the cause or, if shopping is your thing, you can buy a t-shirt or other 3-day gear!


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