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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Finds (4)

Friday Finds is hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading!
I found quite a few new books that I'm excited about this week!

Shadow of the Moon by Rachel Hawthorne (HarperTeen, 3/23/10)
"Dark Guardian is a sexy werewolf series sure to appeal to the many teen readers of paranormal romances. In this fourth book, the werewolves debate whether to emerge from hiding on their own terms. But one of their own, Daniel, is struggling with something much more immediate—his search for the girl who will be his lifelong mate. He hasn’t connected with her yet and he’s starting to lose hope. If he can’t find her before her first transformation, she will die."
I still need to read the second book and third books in this series and the fourth is already out soon! I really liked the first one though, so I'm looking forward to the continuation!

Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn (Knopf, 12/12/10)
"Very LeFreak has a problem: she’s a crazed technology addict. Very can’t get enough of her iPhone, laptop, IMs, text messages, whatever. If there’s any chance the incoming message, call, text, or photo might be from her supersecret online crush, she’s going to answer, no matter what. Nothing is too important: sleep, friends in mid-conversation, class, a meeting with the dean about academic probation. Soon enough, though, this obsession costs Very everything and everyone. Can she learn to block out the noise so she can finally hear her heart?"
The title and cover art are so interesting for this one! I've never read anything by Rachel Cohn before, so I think I'm going to check out some of her older novels before this one comes out!

Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly (Henry Holt BYR, 2010)
"Doctors have pinned 16-year-old Drea Horvath with everything from ADHD to Asperger’s Syndrome. She has an obsession with sound design, a tendency to blurt out whatever she’s thinking, and a problem making friends, but likes to think of this as following her own rhythm in a confusing world.
Drea is hesitant to befriend purple-haired Naomi Quinn, her teenage neighbor with a kamikaze personality. But Naomi is the first person to treat her like she isn’t a world class dork. Then there’s Justin Rocca, the sexy and persistent boy in her film class. If she’s learned anything from her mom, it’s that boys are trouble."

Justin Rocca, the sexy and persistent boy in her film class - I like the sound of that! Is it bad that sometimes my interest is sparked by the romantic lead?? :) I'm also interested though by the fact that the main character as Asperger's. I've never read a book where the main character has Asperger's, but my cousin has Autism so I have a personal interest.

Under My Skin by Judith Graves
"All her parents wanted was for Eryn to live a normal life...
Redgrave had its share of monsters before Eryn moved to town. Mauled pets, missing children.
The Delacroix family is taking the blame, but Eryn knows the truth. Something stalks the night. Wade, the police chief's son and Redgrave High's resident hottie, warns her the Delacroix are dangerous. But then so is Eryn - in fact, she's lethal.
But she can't help falling for one of the Delacroix boys, dark, brooding - human Alec. And then it all goes bad.
A normal life? Now that's the real fairytale."

I'm really looking forward to this one... I heard about it this week from a WoW post and I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for it! Here is the link to the
The Book Butterfly's WoW post!


  1. You have found some fabulous books here. I am really interested in Harmonic Feedback and Very Le Freak. Harmonic Feedback sounds like a younger version of The Curious Incident by Mark Haddon. In that book, the main character has Autism.

    Here are my finds.

  2. I'll have to pick up the 3rd & 4th Dark Guardian books, looks good.

    Under My Skin looks interesting too, love the cover

  3. Ohhh great finds(: I still haven't read any of the Dark Guardian books. I'm dying to read Very LeFreak- it looks great!

  4. Under My Skin by Judith Graves has a great book trailer. Check it out at Can't wait to read it!!

    Judith blogs at Wolfy Chicks with author Kitty Keswick, who also has a terrific book coming out:

    Freaksville. See the book trailer


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