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Monday, September 21, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Movie Trailer

Okay, for all of you that haven't seen the trailer for the upcoming release of Where the Wild Things Are, based on the amazing book by the same name - you have to see it!

Here is a link, the embedding feature of the trailer has been disabled on YouTube, but the link takes you directly to it!

Every time I watch this trailer, I cry. I'm not even kidding! I don't know what it is about it - it simply looks amazing. Epic. I'll definitely be going to see this one when it come out in theaters October 16! Anyone else??


  1. I cry as well. This trailer, the trailer to Terminator Salvation and the trailer to the new Star Trek all made/make me cry. The music for the first two and the last one for pure nostalgic JOY AND LOVE AND EXCITEMENT.

  2. I may explode. I have anticipated this movie, but had a shadow of doubt that somehow it would get mangled. Say, if they let Michael Bay direct it...
    But after watching the trailer--I know.
    I will sooooo be there. And I'll be wearing a furry tail clipped to my jeans, for sure.

  3. AWW! He's all furry and cute and.... I need to go load the trailer and watch. Is it sad that I haven't even read the book? Sadder still, that I have no idea what it's about? I feel all wrong and alien. I must go look this up!


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