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Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: Zombies for Zombies by David P. Murphy

Title: Zombies for Zombies: Advice and Etiquette for The Living Dead
Author: David P. Murphy
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pub. Date: 2009
Genre: Humor, Parody
Main Themes: Zombies, Etiquette
Pages: 239
Plot/Description (from back cover):
So, you've been bitten by a zombie? Bummer.
But there's no need to panic! Yes, your life will be undergoing a major transformation, but this doesn't have to be the end-all it once was when the Disaster first hit. There have been significant breakthroughs in the last decade in helping you keep significant parts of your wit and dignity. Together we can limit the damage.
Zombies for Zombies is a motivational guide designed specifically to make a profound difference in your accidental, strange new life. You say you don't want to become another one of those ghastly creatures you see on the news out in the Tempe Containment Zone? You don't have to - if you follow the great advice inside, including:

  • How to dress for you new lifestyle

  • Handy recipes for brains

  • Fitness ideas for keeping you somewhat energetic

  • New skin-care techniques to help ward off "rotting flesh syndrome"

  • How to overcoeme that darned zombie social stigma

  • Dance steps for the motor-impaired

Zombies for Zombies is absolutely hilarious! It isn't one of those books that I could sit down and read for hours, but it was nice to pick up and read a bit here and there, just for laughs.

David P. Murphy may be a genius - or simply has a lot of time on his hands. Some of the suggestions and ideas presented in this book had me laughing out loud. I read this book around the time that I watched the movie Zombieland in theaters, Halloween, and the local Zombie Crawl - so I certainly had zombies and the zombie apocalypse on my mind!

I really enjoyed the format of Z4Z. It was easy to flip around in and the pictures were really funny. It was also interactive, with quizzes and games. I loved that in the zombie dance steps sections there were easy to follow diagrams!

I love that zombies are making the trasition for horror to humor - this book is perfect for those who agree! I also recommend this book for a conversation starter! I could definitely see it in a college dorm room or in one of my friends' apartments! I have to mention though that this book does include some content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences, like a spoof on the kuma sutra (koma sutra).

Check out this video about the book! Funny! :)


  1. Ha! This sounds awesome, I gotta myself a copy... I'll have to swing by my bookstore after non-existent work tomorrow :P LOL at the video! The book sounds hilarious - I love reading stuff like this :D

  2. thanks for the nice review -- much appreciated!!


    david p. murphy

  3. This book sounds hilarious, I know quite a few people (including myself) that would love this.


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