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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Giveaway: Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do... by Marianne Richmond

To celebrate Mother's Day, The Hiding Spot is hosting a very special giveaway for a copy of Marianne Richmond's picture book, Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do...! This book is funny and absolutely adorable. Small children might not notice all the things their mom do for them, but, now an adult myself, I could definitely see bits of my own mother in this book!

What a child sees as everyday routine is anything but for a mom! Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do is a celebration of the unpredictable adventure that is motherhood with its sometimes silly, always heartfelt, and wonderfully important moments--all rooted in love. This sweet and amusing book will have book moms and kids smiling with recognition while spotlighting all the different ways a mom shows her devotion.
About the Author:

Marianne Richmond is gifted author and illustrator of numerous children’s books. Her colorful artwork and uplifting messages make her a favorite of young and old alike. Check out her work at
Below you'll find one of my favorite pages from Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do... (I'm fairly certain this happened to my mom a time or two!)

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