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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Recently Read: Upcoming Titles to Add to Your TBR Pile (4)

If you follow me on Goodreads and Twitter, you might have noticed that I'm one of those lucky readers who sometimes receives review copies of upcoming novels early. I won't lie, there are many really great things about advanced reader copies, but there are also negatives... namely being unable to finish a book and go out and encourage others to read it immediately. So I've decided that the next best thing is to feature these titles here at The Hiding Spot, no matter how early I've read them. Then you can add these books to your ever expanding to-be-read pile. Of course, nearer to the novel's release, I'll post my full review!

The Opposite of Love by Sarah Lynn Scheerger

Available September 1, 2014 from Albert Whitman Teen

Rose and Chase are disappointments. Rose isn't the perfect adopted daughter her parents hoped for, instead she's rebellious and withdrawn. Chase fights - and sometimes loses - his battle to separate himself from the legacy of his abusive and alcoholic father.  Labeled troubled and hopeless cases, they find someone to depend on in each other. After months apart, Chase receives a cryptic and worrisome email from Rose, which launches an introspective journey to determine not only where but when he lost her. The Opposite of Love is an intensely written story of two broken teens and the forces that shape us, but that, ultimately, cannot define us.

The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan; J.P. Davis

Available November 14, 2014 from Little, Brown BFYR
Goodreads / Preorder
When Marrill climbs aboard the ship that appears in the middle of a desert parking lot, she's thinking only of helping her mother, not saving the world - or worlds she hasn't even discovered yet. Soon Marrill has sailed far from home and into an unknown world where her only chance at returning home is the magical Map to Everywhere. Together Marrill, a decidedly forgettable master thief named Finn, a curiously tattooed Pirate Stream captain, and a  determined wizard must traverse remarkable and sometimes dangerous lands to locate the map that will save - or possibly destroy - those that seek it. Full of adventure, humor, and heart, readers will quickly fall for tenacious Rose and the unforgettably forgettable Finn.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Available September 9, 2014 from Knopf
Goodreads / Preorder

With Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel introduces readers to a post-apocalyptic world in which the world population has been decimated by an especially virulent strain of flu. Overnight, the comfortable, technology-driven world disappears, leaving behind shell-shocked survivors. Told in elegantly alternating, nonlinear perspectives over a fifteen year period, Station Eleven weaves a delicate yet enduring thread between characters, highlighting the ways in which even the most fleeting and seemingly inconsequential moments can change one's life forever.


  1. All new to me and all intriguing

  2. These all sound great, but I'm having serious grabby hands for The Opposite of Love! Love stories with so much emotional complexity like that are like chocolate to me. :)

  3. These all sound good, I like the cover of The Map to Everywhere. Looks like fun.

    I see in your sidebar you work at brilliant Books. We were just in there a couple weeks ago and really like the store- nice to find your blog as well!

  4. I think you'll really like THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE, Sam! It's available for request on Netgalley... it's totally worth requesting!

  5. The Map to Everywhere is fantastic!

    I was pumped to see your comment here, as my boss, Peter, just asked me if I'd seen your blog post about the store. Thank you SO much for featuring us (and for saying such nice things about the kids' & YA sections - I work hard to keep them well-stocked with great titles). I must say, if your daughter likes Chris Colfer's books, I really think she'll enjoy The Map to Everywhere!

    Next time you're in, be sure to say hi!


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