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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Review: The Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn

"The Dragon Lord - When Rohan became the new prince of the Desert, ruler of the kingdom granted his family for as long as the Long Sands spewed fire, he took the crown with two goals in mind. First and foremost, he sought to bring permanent peace to his world of divided princedoms, realms hovering always on the brink of war. And, in a land where dragon-slaying was a proof of manhood, Rohan was the sole champion of dragons, fighting desperately to perserve the last remaining lords of the sky and with them a secret which might be the salvation of his people...

And His Sunrunner Witch - Sioned, who was fated by Fire to be Rohan's bride, has mastered the magic of sunlight and moonglow, catching hints of a yet to be formed pattern which could irrevocably affect the destinies of Sunrunners and ordinary mortals alike. Yet caught in the mechinations of the Lady of Goddess Keep, and of Prince Rohan and his sworn enemy, the treacherously cunning High Prince, could Sioned alter this crucial pattern to protect her lord from the menance of a war that threatened to set the land ablaze?"

When I really like an author, especially a fantasy authors, I have a hard time not comparing new fantasy authors I try to previous favorites. The new books just always seem to come up short... I just can't get into them. With Melanie Rawn, I've found another favorite! The book is good right from the first page. There is no boring beginning to set the scene, the reader steps right into Rawn's world and the action.

Sioned, the main female lead, is a good, strong character - full of love and defiance - aware that she is dependent on the male lead, but not stupid (which is what seems to happen to most female characters when there is a romantic plotline). Sioned knows that she is in love and when Rohan hurts her, she doesn't just whine about it, she gets even... She's no "girl".

Rohan is a good character at the beginning... full of youth and scholarly, but the I found myself disliking him towards the middle of the books. The perfect guy was gettimng a little rough around the edges - you couldn't help but hate him. Rawn did this perfectly, causing me to like Sioned better and hate the villians more than I did before... showing exactly how evil they were. Rohan, of course, gains back the reader's approval when he looks at the world a little more realistically and owns up to mistakes without blaming others.

A great epic fantasy read...! Dragon Prince is the first in a trilogy that includes The Star Scroll and Sunrunner's Fire. There is also a continuation trilogy that includes Stronghold, The Dragon Token, and Skybowl. Rawn has a seperate trilogy called Exiles.


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