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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Review: The Sound of Munich by Suzanne Nelson

"Siena Bernstein is leaving her yoga mat behind for a semester of study abroad in Munich. She's thrilled with the prospect of a German adventure (her horoscope is encouraging as well), but she hopes to make more than just her dreams come true while she's there. Siena's dad, who passed away when she was a baby, kept a "Carpe Diem" list - sort of his top-ten adventurous things to do. He completed all but one of the tasks - going to Germany to thank the man who helped smuggle his family past the Berlin Wall. Amidst her adventures in biergartens, Alpine skiing, and a rigorous course load, Siena is on a quest to complete her father's list. But she's also set on having the best possible time while she tries. With the help of two new best buds and a handsome RA in her dorm, she'll surely succeed."

This book is one of the Students Across the Seven Seas books, the first one I've read. The plot of the book is good...something that short books don't always possess. I really like the idea of travelling to different places, especially Europe, and I like YA fiction - so I figured this book would be for me! I was right, but it isn't a fantastic book, just a good one. It isn't one that I would read again, but I would recommend it to other readers.

The main reason that I didn't really love this book was the main character, Siena. I really did like her, but sometimes her "personality" got in the way. The author tries to make her "bohemian", but she just sounded hippie-ish... and not in a good way. Her easy-going vibe was just a little annoying at times. Other than that she was fine.


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