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Friday, April 13, 2007

Review: Lady Killer by Michele Jaffe

"Three years ago Miles Loredan believed he had killed the bloodthirsty fiend known as the Vampire of London. When a beautiful sleuth named Clio Thornton stumbles upon what can only be the Vampire's latest victim, Miles is drawn into a terrifying race against the clock. Captivated at once by intelligent, lovely Clio, his first impulse is to protect her. And every clue points to the Vampire's next victim: Clio."

This is one of Jaffe's historical/mystery/romances that I loves. Each one tells the story of one of the Aboretti cousins and solves a murder mystery. Lady Killer is one of my favorite so far because of the vampire storyline. I'm not really a mystery or romance reader, but Jaffe is just too amazing to pass up. Her stories take place in Renaissance England, one of my favorite time periods, have passionate love stories, and great mystery plots. The female leads are not sickeningly weak and the main guy characters always have a few flaws to make them seem mortal. The murder mysteries are always captiviating as well...

Clio and Miles were another great duo... Jaffe did a spectacular job at weaving their seperate stories together and I really liked to read about Miles after Jaffe's brief mentioning of him in other books.

Look for the Aboretti cousins in Secret Admirer, The Water Nymph, and The Stargazer.


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