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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Review: I Like It Like That (A Gossip Girl Novel) by Cecily von Zeigesar

"Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where a week off from school means wild parties, new alliances, and clues to some truly outrageous mysteries.

Enter the world of Gossip Girl - and watch us drown in luxury while indulging in our favorite sports - jealously, betrayal, and late-night bar-hopping.

Spring Break is here and it's time for S & B to jet out to Sun Valley for plenty of apres-ski hot tub fun. Too bad for those unfortunate few who have to saty in NY and intern among the city's most fabulous glitterati. Back on the slopes, when the ski house is this big, who can keep track of N, and who's sleeping where? So get out your cashmere-lined boots and meet me by the fire!"

I think I'm getting back into the GG books, they just are kind of addicting. Who doesn't want to hear about their outrageous parties and problems? Not that anyone would want to live that way or anything...


  1. I just love to watch Gossip girl ...
    I am watching this from its last season...I lived in hostel so i used to see this online on live cw channel


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