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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Review: Secret Admirer by Michele Jaffe

"Lady Tuesday Arlington seeks refuge from the horrible nightmares that invade her sleep by doing what she does best - she paints them. But when her husband is found dead in a setting identical to one she has painted, she become the prime suspect. Lawrence Pickering, special investigator to Her Majesty, the Queen, takes over the inquiry and cannot help but fall for the beautiful and talented Tuesday. But a cruelly sinister presence waits to turn their picture-perfect love into a masterpiece of murder"

This is another great story by Michele Jaffe, the author of The Stargazer, The Water Nymph, Lady Killer, and Bad Kitty. While I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was quite a bit different than her others. In the others the main characters fall for each other pretty quickly and don't resist as much it seems, but Tuesday and Lawrence seem to have a harder time finding their way to each other. Regardless, this book was still great.


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