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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Question Blog Tour feat. Lauren Baratz-Logsted!

Today Lauren Baratz-Logsted visits The Hiding Spot as part of the One Question Blog Tour to promote THE EDUCATION OF BET, which was released July 12th! As the name implies, I was able to ask Lauren one question before she traveled on to her next stop at There's A Book!

The Question

My blog is dedicated to my personal hiding spot, books. Who, what, or where can be credited as your personal escape from reality?

Well, you got me. The only answer I can possibly give is the same answer you gave: books. Whether reading them or writing them, books are my escape. When reading, I get to explore other worlds. When writing, I get to create worlds that others will hopefully want to explore with me. Really, I'm a one-note person. When my daughter is in school, I either write or read pretty much every minute from 7am to 4pm. One thing I do wish? That I could read the way I did when I was younger. By that I mean truly lose myself in a book. I can remember lying in bed at night with a new book when I was a kid, stopping every so often to fully visualize characters and settings to the point where it was as though I was living inside the story. As a result I still have a map in my mind of exactly what I think the Devon School from A Separate Peace looks like. But ask me to describe in detail the setting from a book I read last week and, unless the author's power of description was truly spectacular, I can't tell you a thing. So the escape is still there but it's a different escape than it once was.
For more about Lauren and her novels, visit her website!

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  1. +JMJ+

    I like these one-question blog tours better than the traditional ones. =)

    And I can totally relate to Lauren's wish that she could read the way she used to when she was younger. Don't we all? I'm planning a big read of as many of Beverley Cleary's books as I can find, and I can't help wishing I were still the same age I was when I first discovered Ramona!

  2. On occasion, I still find a book that takes me back to how I read as a kid. And then I try to read it while I'm cooking because I don't want to put it down, and I end up burning myself.

    Wow. I wish I knew where I was going with this comment.


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